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How to Choose a Corset

The latest stylish trend in apparel and intimates is the corset. Perhaps you have seen many styles and you would like to purchase one, but feel overwhelmed with the choices. Let us help guide you through the process of choosing a corset.

Before we talk about choosing a corset, we would like to give a brief overview of corsets and what makes them so special. A corset is the best garment to accentuate a woman’s figure. It pushes up the bust and slims the waist to help create the look of the timeless and coveted hourglass figure. Depending on the fabric and style of a corset, they are very versatile and most modern corsets can be worn as outerwear or as intimate apparel. Corsets also look great on all figures and body types which is why they are a must-have item for every woman.

If you would like to have a corset only as intimate apparel, almost anything goes. You can select virtually any fabric, color or pattern that you think will be desirable to your partner. Typically, bedroom corsets are a bit more risqué, so fabrics like leather, vinyl, mesh and lace and of course garter straps are always appropriate behind closed doors.

For outerwear corsets, you may choose a corset that is more fashionable, however it’s important to be sure that the corset is appropriate for the occasion. Most importantly, when choosing a fashion corset, you will want to purchase a corset without garters, or if the corset does have garters, make sure that the garters are detachable. The next feature to look for is the back exposure. Premium corsets are made with a privacy panel in the back, so it’s not as important that the corset is fully laced. If a premium corset is not within your budget, or if you prefer other styles of corsets, we suggest that you double check the sizing on the corset, so the size that you purchase is the size when the corset is fully laced. Finally, after purchasing the corset you see that there is some skin showing through, you can either wear a tube top underneath the corset or even take the corset to a local seamstress or tailor and they can easily sew on a privacy panel.

Lastly, for women with a larger than average cup size, some have found that a corset with underwire is slightly more comfortable if they prefer not to wear a bra underneath the corset.

When browsing for corsets on our site, you may browse through the Entire Corset Collection or the outerwear corsets may be found in the Fashion Corsets section. If you prefer to shop by brand, we carry corsets from the following manufacturers:

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Elegant Moments

Overall, a corset is a sexy addition to any woman’s wardrobe and whichever style of corset you choose, you won’t go wrong because this is one garment that is classic, timeless and will make you feel beautiful.

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