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Sensual Surprises Apparel FAQ

Q. How quickly do you fulfill orders?

A. Orders are fulfilled 24-72 hours after the order is placed depending on busy seasons. Exceptions to this are custom ordered items, which may take up to an additional 1-3 weeks manufacturing time. Custom made items and shipping times are indicated in each item description. If you need an item by a certain date, please email us at support@sensualsurprises.com for availability.


Q. May I place an order over the phone?

A. Internet orders using our secure checkout system are processed 24/7, however if you have an issue checking out, we will be happy to send an invoice so checkout may be completed asap.


Q. I have a question regarding sizing.

A. Each manufacturer has it’s own sizing chart to insure a perfect fit. Because Sensual Surprises Apparel sells form fitting clothes, we recommend you choose the larger size if you are between sizes.


Q. I am in between sizes, should I order a smaller or larger size?

A. It is always recommended that you order the larger size. If necessary, you can slightly alter a clothing item with a tailor for the perfect fit.


Q. I placed an order several days ago, but I have not received an order confirmation.

A. Please check your bulk mail folder. An order confirmation is immediately sent to you after placing your order using the email address you provided during the checkout process.


Q. I placed an order several days ago, but I have not received tracking information.

A. Please check your bulk mail folder. Tracking information is sent to you using the email address you provided during the checkout process.


Q. I have not received all my items that I ordered.

A. Your items may arrive in separate packages depending on availability. Each package has its own tracking number that was sent to you using the email address you provided during the checkout process.

You may also check your order status by logging into the order status page at: http://www.sensualsurprises.com/index.php?route=account/login


Q. What is your return/exchange policy?

A. We take great pride giving superior customer service. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we offer a 15-day money back guarantee on returnable items, so you can simply return the merchandise to us and we will give you a refund minus a 20% restocking fee. Kindly let us know the reason for your dissatisfaction, as it will help us to improve our products in the future. Please note due to health laws, we do not allow all items to be returned, so if you have any questions regarding a product before ordering, you may contact us at support@sensualsurprises.com. All non-returnable and non-exchangeable items are clearly marked in the item’s description and in your shopping cart. The merchandise must be in new condition, with all tags attached, and in its original packaging. We cannot accept returns of soiled items, nor prepackaged items, including stockings and other prepackaged items. By law, all intimately worn apparel including bras, panties, thongs, swimsuits, etc cannot be returned, so please select these items with care. Also, items that have been worn, washed, damaged, dirty, have had the tags removed, smell like smoke or have pet hair will not be returned under any circumstance. Due to the adhesive nature of NuBra items and adhesive pasties we do not accept returns of backless/strapless bras. Costumes and clearance items are also not returnable.
Please request an RMA number by filling out the online form located under the heading Customer Service. Please include the RMA number on a slip of paper with your return/exchange. Customers are responsible for return shipping charges. Please note Sensual Surprises Apparel does not include a return label similar to large department and chain stores. This is for two reasons. First, we feel this practice by other stores is deceptive. Customers believe they are able to return an item for free, that is, with no return shipping fee. This is not typically the case. If the return label is used, your credit card is charged the return shipping fee. It is not free. We are a transparent company and believe all fees should be stated up front, clearly. Secondly, by not including a return label, we reduce waste.
If you have any further questions regarding our return/exchange policy feel free to contact us.


Q. How long does it take for refunds to be processed?

A. Please allow up to 14 business days after receiving the returned item(s) for your refund to be processed on your credit card. We will refund the order amount minus a 20% restocking fee and the shipping upon receipt of your item(s).


Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. We ship to every country via USPS Priority from Sensual Surprises' warehouse or via DHL from Bongo International. This is a trackable and affordable way to ship international. With USPS Priority International, the United States Post Office ships the package to the destination country. Once it clears customs at the destination country, the responsibility of delivery rests on the local postal service. Some country's postal services require a signature, so it's important to have a general idea of when your package will arrive. You can check the status of your package at USPS.com and once you see it has cleared customs, your package should be delivered within a few days. Please allow an additional 4 business days for Sensual Surprises Apparel to process and package your international order. Freight time for international shipments may take 4-14 days depending upon location. International shipments include delivery confirmation, which the customer agrees is an acceptable determination of shipment delivery and receipt by customer. Please note international shipments require a phone number with the order.
• Items less than $200 USD. Buyers should not have trouble importing these items, but check customs rules for possible restrictions that vary by country.
• Items more than $200 USD. Buyers importing higher-dollar-value items for personal use may have to pay a duty or tax. The amount of the duty, if any, depends on the type of item and its value. Some items can be imported without paying any duties. Please note that some countries may charge a handling fee for your international package. Some of these fees may include a presentation to customs charge, storage charge in addition to any taxes or duties.

It is the customer's responsibility to know their country's laws regarding customs rules, duties and taxes. All items will be marked as “merchandise” unless otherwise specified.


Q. How do I receive email notification of clearance and special sales?

A.  You may sign up for our email newsletter and receive notifications of monthly specials.


Q. Is my information secure?

A. Your personal information is very secure. We use PayPal and Authorize.net portals which use SSL(secure sockets layer) encryption technology. PayPal and Authorize.net are both SSL secured and insured. Furthermore, we do not store any credit card information on our site. Sensual Surprises Apparel also does not sell your name and personal information.


Q. I tried to click on the Quick Look and it will not pop up, what do you suggest?

A. Check and make sure that there are no updates to Firefox, Java or Windows that need to be done. Also check the proxy settings on your computer and make sure it is set to automatically detect proxy settings in the network tab in the options/preferences for Firefox(if you are using Firefox).


Q. Some of the graphics on the website appear to be misplaced, is there something wrong with the site?

A. If you have a screen resolution of a 4:3 ratio as opposed to a 16:9 ratio, the resolutions are completely different and could be affecting the way things are displayed on the screen. This is especially true if you are using an older version of Windows such as XP.


Q. I noticed that Sensual Surprises has partnered with Bongo International to provide a second shipping option. Do you have more details regarding this shipping method?

A. Please see the following F.A.Q.'s reagarding Bongo's service:

Q) Can you explain more about the address I will receive? Is it a PO Box?
A) Each client of ours receives a unique address within the warehouse. The address is not a PO Box, common carriers and the United States Postal Service are able to deliver to your address (you are required to fill out a form and provide identification in order for us to receive U.S. packages on your behalf). Your address will look similar to:
Your Name Here
# 31087
315 Seaview Ave
Bridgeport, CT 06607

Q) How do I activate my account?
A) In order to fully activate your Bongo membership, you must first verify the credit card you used during registration with Bongo. If you check your credit card balance, you will see that we have made a deposit between $0.01 and $1.00 USD (this takes between 1-4 days to show up on average).
After you confirm the amount we deposited, please log in to your Bongo account. You will be immediately prompted to enter the deposit amount and upon completion of this form your account will be fully activated. Please note, this is not a charge to your card, but money we have paid back to the card you registered with. It will appear after the original sign up fee. We can not forward any items until you have completed this verification process.

Q) What does it cost to sign up with Bongo International?
A) Bongo offers several membership options, two choices for personal use and 1 for businesses. You can review the membership options and additional information on how we bill here. Please note that Advantage Membership option carries a 3 month minimum commitment.

Q) What is Form 1583 and why do I have to fill it out?
A) Form 1583 is a form that the United States Postal Service requires Bongo International to file in order to be your mail receiving agent. This is the only way we can send and receive packages from the United States Postal Service on your behalf. Customers who wish to accept deliveries from the United States Postal Service MUST fill out this form. A prepopulated 1583 form will be provided upon sign up.

Q) How long does the sign up process take?
A) The sign up process can be completed within 1 business day.

Receiving and Storage

Q) How do I send my purchases to my U.S. address at the Bongo International warehouse?
A) When you make a purchase from a U.S. retailer, you request them to send the shipment domestically to the U.S. address we have provided you with your account. You will need to make sure you give them your 'suite' or 'mailbox' number. This is the number listed in 'Address 2' under 'My Account', 'My U.S. Delivery Info' when you log into your account on the BongoUS.com website. Otherwise, there can be a delay in the processing of your shipment. It is also important to contact your credit card company so you can add this address as a viable 'ship to' address. This will allow U.S. retailers to see our Bongo warehouse as a valid shipping address.

Q) How does Bongo know that the package they are receiving is for me?
A) We request that you pre-notify Bongo through our website that a package has been sent to your U.S. address. If the retailer provides you with the tracking number, please give this number to Bongo and we will track the shipment to our door and address any transit delays that may arise. If you don't pre-notify Bongo, then we still will know that the package is for you by your 'suite' or 'mailbox' number listed on the shipment.

Q) How long does it take Bongo to update my mailbox with incoming shipments?
A) We strive to enter all information into your mailbox within 4 hours of receipt of your goods.

Q) Can Bongo take pictures of my items so that I know what it looks like before having the package shipped to me?
A) Yes. Bongo will take digital pictures or scans of any items you would like prior to shipping. There is an additional cost of $2.00 per image for this service.

Q) What is 'consolidation?'
A) Consolidation is the process of packaging multiple items into one Shipment. Bongo will create a commercial invoice that will list all of your items in the box along with their values. The package is then sealed and sent to it's final destination. Consolidation helps Bongo customers save a tremendous amount of money on shipping as the cost per pound decreases as the weight of a shipment increases. Calculate savings

Q) How long can I store my items at my U.S. Address?
A) We will hold items as long as you like on the condition that your account remains in good standing. We will hold items for 45 days free of charge. After that we charge $5 per week per item.


Q) How does Bongo know what to ship to me and when to ship it?
A) With our service, you tell us! Through your online site, you are able to pick and choose the products you want shipped and you tell us when to ship them. We strive to ship what you want, when you want.

Q) Are there any countries that Bongo does not serve?
A) We provide service to 223 countries. Unfortunately, there are a few countries that we currently are not able to service. Please click here to see our full listing of countries served.

Q) Do you offer shipping services within the U.S.?
A) Yes, however we only provide this service for business customers. We have competitive rates to ship within the U.S. for our Business Customers.

Q) Are my packages insured?
A) Inbound packages need to be insured by the shipper. When you process a shipment through your Bongo account to be forwarded to you, the insurance is already calculated to cover the total value of the goods. The cost to insure your shipment is 2% of the total value of your goods. You can choose not to insure the shipment by clicking the small red 'X' on the confirmation page. However, if you choose not to insure your shipment, you take the full risk of any damage to your goods during the shipment process.

Q) How long will it take for me to receive my packages?
A) Typical international transit is 2-3 days. However, there are some countries that have a longer delivery time. Most of our packages are delivered within 5 days. You can look up transit times here.

Q) Does the size of a shipment impact the shipping cost?
A) Yes, per industry standards Bongo International charges the greater of the actual weight, or the dimensional weight of the shipment. Our billing is based on whichever of the two is greater. Information on dimensional weight, also referred to as DIM weight can be found here.

Q) How long does it take for Bongo to send a package once I put in my request to have it sent to me?
A) If your request is received before 4:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, then the package will be sent out the same day. Any shipment request received after 4:00 P.M. will be processed the following day.

Q) Can you mark my item as a gift or reduce the value of it to help me avoid duties and taxes?
A) Unfortunately we cannot. It is against U.S. regulations to inaccurately report the value of an exported item.

Q) How are the exact values of my purchase determined by Bongo International?
A) We enter the value listed on the packing slip, or invoice, when the shipment is delivered to Bongo. If there is no packing slip in the box(s), then we will determine a fair market value for the goods or we will request the receipt from our customers.

Rates / Billing

Q) Are there any start-up or sign-up fees?
A) There are no sign up fees for our Advantage membership, please note that the advantage membership does carry a 3 month minimum commitment. Classic Membership customers are subject to a one-time sign up fee of $5.00 USD. By paying the sign up fee your account will remain active for an unlimited time. You may ship with us whenever you wish, and pay only when you ship. To take advantage of our more discounted rates, we highly reccomend our Advantage membership.

Q) How are you able to provide such a competitive price for international shipping?
A) Due to our high shipment volume, and to enhance our customer's experience, Bongo International has gone to great lengths to obtain discounted rates. We have negotiated with common carriers to ensure the highest discounts are passed on to our International customers.

Q) Do you charge any fees to repackaging multiple items into one box?
A) No! This is one of the many advantages that Bongo offers. We allow our customers to repackaging multiple items into one box for FREE! This results in huge cost savings to our clients! In order to take advantage of our repackaging services, you must be either a Advantage member, or a Business member - repackaging servers are not available to our Classic Membership customers.

Q) What does it cost to sign up with Bongo International?
A) Bongo offers three standard membership options, two choices for personal use and 1 for businesses. You can review the memberships here

Q) Can I pay by check or money order?
A) Unfortunately, submitting your payment by check or money order is prohibited by Bongo International. Our accepted forms of payment are: Visa, Master Card, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and American Express.

Q) Is Bongo International's price all inclusive? Does it include duties and taxes?
A) Bongo's price includes a full door-to-door transportation cost, however, there may be additional duties and taxes charged by customs, or other local authorities in the destination country. These charges are the responsibility of our clients to pay upon receipt of the goods. Please see your local customs office to get more specifics. Information about duties and taxes can be found through the resources provided here

Customer Service

Q) How long will it take for Bongo to respond to customer service inquiries through your 'Support' function?
A) We will respond to all Support inquiries within 1 business day. Bongo Customer Service Agents respond Monday - Friday during the hours of 4:00 A.M - 11:00 P.M. EST.


Q) Many U.S. Retailers won't accept my international credit card. Is there any way around this?
A) Of course! You have two options to navigate this issue.
1. You can set up your Bongo International address as a secondary address to your current card. This will allow U.S. retailers to see a domestic address on your credit card. This process works most of the time.
2. You can use our Personal Shopper option. With Personal Shopper, you can provide us with the exact URL and we will make the purchase for you by using our U.S. credit card. The cost of this service is 10% of the total transaction.